Facemasks ( 5 pieces ) – protect against viral infections.



       FACEMASKS Are Effective Against Spread OF COVID-19


FACEMASKS can play a significant role in efforts to fight the disease COVID-19, to contain the spread of the disease and hopefully enable an environment for authorities to render it harmless or less harmful to society with measures undertaken or to be undertaken.


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  • 3 Layers of Defence Provides Effective Comfortable Protection

             – PP Non-Woven Fiber Fabric

             – Polypropylene Melt-Blown Non Woven Fiber Fabric

             – PP Non-Woven Fiber Fabric

  • Soft and Highly Breathable Fabric
  • Lightweight and Comfortable Fabric Materials
  • Skin Friendly Fabric – Good Skin Tolerance
  • High Filtration Efficiency
  • Low Filtration Resistance
  • Comfortably Stretchable Ear Loops
  • Easy Adjustable Nose Tip Shaping Clip
  • Generous Dimensions 175mm x 95mm
  • Fits All Face Shapes/Contours
  • Free Size – One Size Fits All
  • 3D Curved Design – Allows Smooth, Easy Breathable Airflow
  • Cool Professional Looking Design
  • Unisex Product

These disposable Easy Breathable Medical Masks are great for :

  • Filtering bacteria, germs and viruses
  • Filtering Dust particles, pollen and other micron particles PM2.5
  • Protecting against smokes – smokers, fire, exhaust and industrial
  • Protecting against chemical fumes, toxic fumes, etc
  • Shielding against allergens and irritants – pollens, animals/pets hairs
  • Assisting in areas of shielding against cold wintery winds, smog and odour.


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The highly infectious but asymptomatic COVID-19 Pandemic is spreading across communities globally. As an asymptomatic disease, the infected person while being highly infectious, will show no signs or symptom of being infected by the disease and as such, the carriers will unknowingly/unwittingly help spread the disease. Because the disease is asymptomatic, highly infectious with fatal cases and requires significant medical, financial resources to care for and respond to, drastic measures had been undertaken by governments across the globe to manage, contain and ultimately reduce or hopefully remove the threat from society.


         FACEMASKS Will Help Reduce The Spread Of Viruses


Financial measures undertaken includes wage supports, business hibernation schemes, grants and a whole host of measures to ensure the commercial/business environment is not severely impacted by the virus breakout.

Social measures includes introduction of certain mandatory quarantine, isolations, limited lockdowns, social distancing, closing of mass events/gatherings, information dissemination on the disease and how to deal with it. The public  are being told to stay at home where possible, regular use of sanitizers and detergents are being recommended/advised to protect oneself.

If measures already introduced are not seen/believed to be effective enough, more drastic measures will surely follow suit – such as total lockdown, prohibitions or jail time for those who don’t comply.

In order to fight this disease, all members of society must take up the challenge to fight the disease in order to avoid further more drastic measures being introduced.


To Win In Any Situations, It’s Imperative To Know Your Adversaries

COVID-19 Symptoms : Knowledge is Power But Only Actions Gets Results


As a highly infectious and asymptomatic disease, one of the MOST IMPORTANT measure to be adopted by the general public is to WEAR A FACEMASK everytime we go out of our home.



To Be Effective, Only The Right Tools For The Occasion Must Be Used 


There has been a big misconception on why people wear facemask in public.  There are cases where people are attacked or abused just for wearing a facemask in public.

The biggest mistake is the perception that those who wears facemasks in public are not healthy, sick or do not feel well and should not be roaming freely in public. That couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Facemasks can also serve to protect users from pollutions such as second-hand smokes, toxic fumes, exhaust fumes, fire smokes, etc. Allergens and irritants from pollen particles, dust to animal/pets hair could be shielded with facemasks. Issues from the more common infectious disease such as common flu to cold windy, wintery winds could be sheltered to a certain degree by wearing the priceless FACEMASK.

Hopefully, when we are more informed, such perceptions will be discarded into the bins of history.

FACEMASKS can play a significant role in efforts to fight the disease COVID-19, to reduce or contain the spread of the disease and then, hopefully, enable authorities to ultimately render it harmless or less harmful to society without resorting to more drastic measures.


How Will Wearing A Quality Facemask (Not the Normal Or Cotton Ones) Helps Protect Me?

When I wear a facemask everytime I go out, my Facemask will protect me from any accidental sprays of infected saliva from infected persons coughing or sneezing within my vicinity or strangers trying to communicate with me while all-the-while spewing saliva with every word spoken. It has been reported that such airborne micro sprays from sneezing could reach about 10 feet across and remains airborne for 3 seconds to 3 hours ( I know, it’s confusing but let us assume the worse case scenario of 3 hours).  That means anyone walking within the vicinity of the sneeze within the timeframe of 3 hours could possibly come into contact with the infected airborne sprayed micro droplets. A facemask will prevent such micro droplets from attaching to the most vulnerable parts of the body – the nose and mouth – thus protecting me from immediate danger.

When you or members of the public wears a quality Facemask everytime you leave your home, it will protect me and everyone else from getting infected if  you had been unknowingly infected by this asymptomatic disease and happens to sneeze, cough or speaks with spewing tongue (I mean saliva) within my vicinity. It protects me and everyone around because if as an infected person did cough, sneeze or spews saliva, the mask that you are wearing will stop the infected micro droplets from being projectiled beyond the meshes of your mask. All offending “matters” would be caught by the “offensive” mask thereby protecting everyone who happens to be around the area.

Likewise, the Facemask will protect the most vulnerable parts of the face as it covers the nose and mouth securely. As it had been reported (also confusingly), infected micro droplets can last 6 to 12 hours on materials ranging from clothes to metal surfaces with others reporting a period of 3 days for luggage bags, anyone coming into contact with almost anything could be potentially exposed and as what a normal person normally do when exercising their freedom of expression, they invariably rub/scratch or pick their ‘itchy’ nose or touch their face. If they are not wearing any “protections”, then the consequences could ‘father’ unscheduled visits to the doctors. If facemask had been worn, any such urges will not result in such unwanted visits unless they allow the secured facemask to be compromised by removing , dislodging or adjusting it.

Yes, a quality Facemask will protect everyone from rapid spread of the disease COVID-19 if everyone wears a facemask everytime they go out. It’s a compelling reason why Facemasks must be part of the arsenal in the battle against COVID-19  threat!

Everyone should wear a Facemask….at least during these challenging times.

When Everyone Wears A Facemask,….Everybody will be protected.

Will You Wear Your Facemask To Protect Your Community?




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