Hand Sanitizer : Pump Bottle (500ml / 16.9 fl.oz.) – MaxProtect



Hand Sanitizers has become one of the most important part of life in maintaining a hygenic environment in order to preserve our healthy lifestyle.

With increasing threats from existing to new encounters with diseases, bacteria, viruses and other unknown elements, it’s becoming apparent that we need to take precautionary steps to the best of our abilities to keep ourselves safe from any such possible threats.  We should never panic in face of challenges but we must never be complacent either.

As we are all social beings living in communities, infectious diseases can spread like wildfire if we do not adopt hygenic practises in our daily lives.  Though certain matters are beyond our control, there are local level personal practices that we can undertake to ward off unknowingly falling prey to potential contact with any infectious diseases that might be quietly circulating around. As the saying goes…’prevention is better than cure’ especially when the prevention story merely revolves around better hygiene.

Wearing facemask when going out would be a good practise when we suspect there could be an infectious disease circulating around. Then, we need to be able to keep our most volatile part of our body, our pair of limbs – 1our hands, in safe custody.  As our pair of hands are almost always swinging, swaying, juggling, touching, feeling, squeezing or merely holding onto something, they would therefore almost always be at risk of coming into contact with potentially contaminated surfaces which could have unwanted consequences.



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