Littlehawkgroup is a B2B Marketplace platform for Manufacturers, Importers, Wholesellers and Product Owners to promote and market their products and/or services effectively and efficiently to Retailers in the Marketplace.

Currently the operation targets Australian based Retailer-Buyers market. Qualified Sellers from other countries are welcome to participate on this platform.

We provide the link between Sellers and Retailer-Buyers and even budding wholesellers to enable a fluid market for the benefits of the Consumers of Australia. We provide a win-win situation to all participating parties.

Manufacturers, Importers, Wholesellers and Product Owners will have a channel to penetrate and establish a wider market presence and to move their products more efficiently, effectively and economically.

Retailers will have a larger pool of product selections with more appealing product ranges and prices enabling them to improve and expand their operations base where desired. Profitability and providing Customers with a wider choice at perhaps lower pricing would no longer be a mutually exclusive problem anymore.

Customers will benefit from the wider range of products availability and lower pricing that will filter through the system when Retailers can offer better quality products, pricing and even better Customers servicing because they now have access to a platform which offers them everything at the click of a button.