FACEMASKS Are Effective Against Spread OF COVID-19

FACEMASKS can play a significant role in efforts to fight the disease COVID-19, to contain the spread

of the disease and hopefully enable an environment for authorities to render it harmless or less harmful
to society with measures undertaken or to be undertaken.


In light of the impact of the pandemic on our society, we would like to offer our very minor gesture/overture
by opening up our website to those who would like to earn some form of income online. For a limited period 
of time, we will accept registrations from person(s) who are interested in selling our products listed on the
website for a commission as an Affiliate member. Our website is still being developed with support from a

range of importers and we will be adding more products and increasing the range of products to be listed.



  • 3 Layers of Defence Provides Effective Comfortable Protection

            – PP Non-Woven Fiber Fabric

            – Polypropylene Melt-Blown Non Woven Fiber Fabric

            – PP Non-Woven Fiber Fabric

  • Soft and Highly Breathable Fabric
  • Lightweight and Comfortable Fabric Materials
  • Skin Friendly Fabric – Good Skin Tolerance
  • High Filtration Efficiency
  • Low Filtration Resistance
  • Comfortably Stretchable Ear Loops
  • Easy Adjustable Nose Tip Shaping Clip
  • Generous Dimensions 175mm x 95mm
  • Fits All Face Shapes/Contours
  • Free Size – One Size Fits All
  • 3D Curved Design – Allows Smooth, Easy Breathable Airflow
  • Cool Professional Looking Design
  • Unisex Product

These disposable Easy Breathable Facemasks are great for :

  • Filtering bacteria, germs and viruses
  • Filtering Dust particles, pollen and other micron particles PM2.5
  • Protecting against smokes – smokers, fire, exhaust and industrial
  • Protecting against chemical fumes, toxic fumes, etc
  • Shielding against allergens and irritants – pollens, animals/pets hairs
  • Assisting in areas of shielding against cold wintery winds, smog and odour.